Karen Eisele


After getting a Masters degree in Architecture at Texas Tech University and moving to South America, Karen began pursuing her love of art. While living abroad in Brazil and Venezuela, she attended art schools including Las Artes del Fuego in Caracas, studying glass fusion under the direction of Candido Millan.

When she and her family returned to the States, Karen began taking classes at the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts here in Houston with a focus in oil painting and ceramics. Her background in architecture, glass and clay has helped Karen bring pattern, detail, a strong sense of space, form, transparency and light to her work.

In addition, Karen has been studying Iconography since 2004.  She has worked with both Greek and Russian Byzantine masters learning techniques that were created centuries ago.  She believes that this a very spiritual and prayerful endeavor and loves the imagery with its rich symbolic meanings..  Karen has taught Iconography workshops in Texas, Wyoming and Colorado.



See some of Karen’s latest works